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    Is there a prototype kit to test Excelon Automotive-E Serial FRAM?


      Does Infineon offer a breakout board to test CY15B102QN-50SXE?


      If not, can either CY15FRAMKIT-001 or CY15FRAMKIT-002 be used to test CY15B102QN-50SXE either by simulating functionality with the chip installed on the kit or by replacing the SPI chip on the kit with a CY15B102QN-50SXE?


      For CY15FRAMKIT-001, the FM25W256-G has a similar pinout to CY15B102QN-50SXE with the exception of the HOLD pin.

      Does Infineon recommend using the CY15FRAMKIT-001 as a basis to test the CY15B102QN-50SXE after unsoldering the FM25W256-G and replacing it with a CY15B102QN-50SXE?


      If the CY15FRAMKIT-002 is recommended as a basis...

      It appears the CY15B102QN functionality can be observed in the CY15B104QSN on the CY15FRAMKIT-002 as long as additional features in the CY15B104QSN (extended, dual or quad SPI) aren’t used. Is it practical to simulate CY15B102QN functionality using the CY15B104QSN on the CY15FRAMKIT-002 or does Infineon recommend to replace the chip.