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    Need help to select MCU part number for one of our application




      We would like to select one MCU Part Number which has minimum below configurations set.


      Digital Input/output Pin (GPIO): 45 Pins

      Analog Input Pins: 20

      No of UART Communication: more than 4

      No of SPI Communication: more than 2

      No of 16-bit/32-bit Timers: more than 7

      No of edge interrupts: more than 1

      No of Input Capture Pins: more than 1

      Watchdog Timer: YES

      Code guard security: YES

      CPU Speed: more than 50 MIPS

      Flash Memory: more than 512 KB

      CRC Module: YES

      Architecture: 16-bit / 32-bit RISC architecture

      Programming Language: C & C++

      No of Pin counts: more than 80



      Note: 1) Above pin requirements are not included programming pins and power supply pins, so consider it separately

                      2) Consider each requirement pin as separate pin


      Please suggest us suitable part number for same.


      We already go through to your parametric search results but we need more help on this so we generated this query.


      Thanks, and Best Regards,

      Dutt Panchal