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    DFU host source file(Parser for .cyacd2 file)




      I am designing the DFU host on one Cypress MCU to bootload the other PSoC 6 MCU, as far as I know, there is no example code nor any explanation of the .cyacd2 file format.


      Here is what I found:

      BLE OTA/DFU host example?  This is not applicable as the reference is designed to work with .cyacd file, not .cyacd2 file.


      Device Firmware Update Host Tool Source Code? The source code is simply not available based on the feedback.


      My question is that could we at least get the .cyacd2 file parser file, so that we can implement the host code on the MCU?


      Honestly, releasing the DFU host utility source will greatly help this type of project. Otherwise, it is wasting everybody's time to reverse engineer the DFU SDK code. Cypress will sell the chip anyway regardless of the DFU, the DFU does not make a profit. With the current situation, it could only hurt the business due to the bad customer experience.


      I hope Cypress engineer would re-consider the strategy.