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    External EEPROM for GX3




      Q1-1)  Regarding the external EEPROM ( AT93C66A)  used in the GX3 reference KIT please tell me if there is a recommended product with a model number other than the above.

      Q1-2) Please let me know if there is a capacity limit (like 128Mb products or more are not supported) mentioned above.

      Q3) Also, please tell us about the necessity of the external EEPROM.

      The datasheet 「Table 11. Internal Memory Description」is described below.

      -「The internal Memory data is a fixed value. User can’t modify it.」

      Since the Node ID (= Mac address) is a fixed value of "00 0E C6 F9 D0 00", I think that an external ROM is required. Correct ?
      Is there any  reason for external EEPROM  for GX3?


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          Hello Arai san,


          1. As an alternative to the AT93C66A, you can use 8-TSSOP version CAT93C66 whose datasheet can be found from the following link: https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/308/CAT93C66-D-69419.pdf


          2.) As mentioned in the datasheet,  GX3 Supports serial EEPROM (93C56/66) for storing USB Descriptors, Node-ID, etc.

          A Serial EEPROM is different from I2C EEPROM. There is not a necessity to use beyond 4K Serial EEPROM for GX3.


          3.) No, GX3 uses the serial EEPROM to store the USB descriptor and other device-specific info to enable the plug-and-play usage of the device.