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    About external EEPROM for HX3PD





      Regarding the external EEPROM( MX25V2035FM1I ) used in the reference KIT(CY6611) of HX3PD,  but please let me know if there is a recommended product with a model number other than the above.


      Q1-2) Please let me know if there is a capacity limit (like 128Mb products or more are not supported) mentioned above.


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          Hello Arai-san,


          Q1-1. Please check the parts below which are also recommended by us-

               1. S25FL064 by Cypress

               2. W25Q80JV by Winbond


          Q1-2. The HX3PD firmware image size is maximum 32 KB and we have provision to support dual images in the EEPROM. Therefore, the recommended EEPROM size is 64 KB or higher but there is no maximum capacity limit.


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