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    CYBT-353027-02 OTA limits - how big is BLE stack and typical size of application code?


      Does CYBT-353027-02 have sufficient internal memory to support full (App code & Stack) or partial (Application only or Stack Only) OTA?


      How large is the bluetooth stack for CYBT-353027-02?

      How large is a typical application?


      The base device for this part is CYW20707 according to section "WICED-based EZ-BLE and EZ-BT Modules" in the "Modules" tab @ https://www.cypress.com/products/ble-bluetooth    CYW20707 as the base is odd because CYW20707 is NOT widely supported and apparently uses external host and stack per the discussion, "The differences between CYW20704, CYW20706 & CYW20707" @ https://community.cypress.com/message/146477    Is CYBT-353027-02 really supported by CYW20706 which has internal host and stack?