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    Project does not compile after importing it



      I've got a working WICED project from a customer for doing addons. I copied the entire project to my harddisk and installed WICED-SDK V2.4.1 but the project does not compile. My first problem was, that make could not be found. I had to adjust the path since the project I got is named "WICED-SDK" and the original one is named "Wiced-SDK". Now this error is gone but I get a lot of errors such as the following


      **** Build of configuration Default for project WICED-SDK ****


      D:\Projekte\PhilipsAustria\EOLEDC\Firmware\WICED-SDK\make.exe di.DiIntegration-MurataTypeYD-ThreadX-NetX download

      Applying changes made to: Makefile wiced_toolchain_common.mk Library/daemons/dhcp_server/dhcp_server.mk Library/utilities/crc/crc.mk Library/utilities/json/json.mk Library/protocols/dns/dns.mk Library/daemons/dns_redirect/dns_redirect.mk Library/daemons/http_server/http_server.mk


      | IMPORTANT NOTES                                                                                     |


      | Wi-Fi MAC Address                                                                                   |

      |    The target Wi-Fi MAC address is defined in <WICED-SDK>/generated_mac_address.txt                 |

      |    Ensure each target device has a unique address.                                                  |


      Wiced/RTOS/ThreadX/ThreadX.mk:42: Wiced/RTOS/ThreadX/ThreadX_src.mk: No such file or directory

      | MCU & Wi-Fi Power Save                                                                              |

      Wiced/Network/NetX/NetX.mk:47: Wiced/Network/NetX/NetX_src.mk: No such file or directory

      |    It is *critical* that applications using WICED Powersave API functions connect an accurate 32kHz |

      make.exe[1]: *** No rule to make target 'Wiced/Network/NetX/NetX_src.mk'.  Stop.

      |    reference clock to the sleep clock input pin of the WLAN chip. Please read the WICED Powersave   |

      make: *** No rule to make target 'build/di_DiIntegration-MurataTypeYD-ThreadX-NetX/config.mk', needed by 'main_app'.  Stop.

      |    Application Note located in the documentation directory if you plan to use powersave features.   |


      As a workaround I will copy the project source over the install folder of the SDK, but that is now what I want to do, since the project is in a SVN repository and should be on a special location on disk. I can try to reinstall the SDK and change the SDK-path to that location, but isn't it possible to import a project?

      SDK 2.4.1 as used from our customer so I don't want to change that for the moment!

      Best regards and thanks for any responses,

      Markus Schwarzl