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    list of arm processors capable of interfacing with FX3(s) GPIF


      Is there a list of arm processors capable of interfacing with fx3(s) GPIF?


      As far as i know, most low cost processors from Chinese vendors, such as Rockchip, Allwinner, etc, don't have an interface compatible with fx3s' GPIF.


      TI's sitara series do have GPMC, which is frequently used to interface with FPGA, so in theory it should work with FX3s. ST's new low cost processors, STM32MP1, have FMC, Flexible Memory Controller, so perhaps it could be used to interface with FX3s. Don't know whether IMX series from NXP have similar interfacing capabilities.


      So. do you have a list of arm processors that could be interfaced with FX39s) via GPIF? including the hardware interface, linux drivers (availability and maturity), as well as reference design or demo projects? USB3 peripherals are rarely used in arm/linux projects nowadays. Perhaps because most low-cost platforms have limited processing power and memory bandwidth. But when this is required, it is a real headache to choose a solution and balance the cost and benefit. There are so little information available online.

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          The Processor Port (P-Port) of FX3S supports the following interfaces:

          ■ GPIF II (16-bit)

          ■ Slave FIFO Interface

          ■ 16-bit Asynchronous SRAM Interface

          ■ 16-bit Asynchronous address/data multiplexed (ADMux) Interface

          ■ 16-bit Synchronous address/data multiplexed (ADMux) Interface

          ■ Processor MMC slave Interface compatible with MMC System specification, MMCA Technical Committee, Version 4.2 with eMMC 4.3 and 4.4 Pass-Through boot.


          The datasheet of FX3S describes all these interfaces. The link to the datasheet is given below:


          If the external peripheral satisfies the requirements of an interface, then it can be interfaced with the P Port of FX3S.


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