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    Can the overvoltage protection of S6AE101A work normally when the input is high voltage and low current?


      Given in the data sheet:


      "When the VDD pin voltage exceeds the OVP detection voltage (VOVPH = 5.4V), an OVP protection current (IOVP) flows from the VDD pin to suppress the rise of the VDD pin voltage and prevent damage to the IC. In addition, when it drops below the OVP release voltage (VOVPL = 5.3V), the flow of OVP protection current is stopped. "


      And the electrical characteristics table gives:

      "OVP protection current(Iovp)minimum value is 6mA."



      If the power source has high impedance and the output is high voltage (hundred volts) and low current (microamps),  can the OVP module of S6AE101A work normally and stably for a long time under this condition?

      Is there a voltage/current limit range of the input for the OVP part?