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    HyperFlash and HyperRAM




      Can you guide me, please? I am going to use these 5 memories (include HyperRAm and HyperFlash) by HyperBus interface:


      1. 64 Mb HyperRAM Self-Refresh DRAM (S27KL0642/S27KS0642)

      2. 128 Mb HyperRAM Self-Refresh DRAM (S70KL1282/S70KS1282)

      3. 512 Mb HyperFlashTM (S26KL512S/S26KS512S)

      4. 256 Mb HyperFlashTM (S26KL512S/S26KS512S)

      5. 128 Mb HyperFlashTM (S26KL512S/S26KS512S)


      Are all these 5 memories pin-to-pin compatible, so they can be used with the same ZIF socket?


      Thank you and regards,