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    "CYPD3171-24LQXQ" power Input Confusion ?


      as per datasheet page no - 6, the power input for the given part is


      "CCG3PA can operate from two possible external supply sources: VBUS_IN_DISCHARGE (3.0 V–24.5 V) or VDDD (2.7 V–5.5 V). When powered through VBUS_IN_DISCHARGE, the internal regulator generates VDDD of 3.3 V for chip operation. The regulated supply, VDDD, is either used directly inside some analog blocks or further regulated down to VCCD (1.8 V), which powers majority of the core using the regulators. CCG3PA has three different power modes: Active, Sleep, and Deep Sleep. Transitions between these power modes are managed by the power system. When powered through the VBUS_IN_DISCHARGE pin, VDDD cannot be used to power external devices and should be connected to a 1-µF capacitor for the regulator stability only. These pins are not supported as power supplies. Refer to the application diagrams for capacitor connections."


      so my question is can i use "VBUS_IN_DISCHARGE" and "VDDD" both as power input at same time with their respective supply limit. is that possible to power in at both the pins at same time? (it seems from above paragraph that only one power input may work at a time, but in several reference designs i found they use both pins as power input with their respective supply limits).


      if this is possible that i power up the chip from both the power pins at same time, then what would be the I2C pull up voltage?


      any suggestions and detailed answers will be really appreciable.


      Thanks and regards,