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    Discovering Modus Toolbox with the PSoC 6 WIFI-BT pioneer kit


      I have always been using psoc creator and wanted to try MTB, but I am encountering quite a few problems.


      I am trying to upload a hello world project from the program button (bottom left)

      The build completes successfully, but the kitprog firmware has problems.


      I tried updating the device with fw-loader but it says the device is not supported


      I then wanted to use cypress programmer, which is newer than psoc programmer, and upload the hex file since I could not upload from modus... But It still doesnt work, all the options are grayed out, but no update required message:

      So I went back to PSOC programmer, and it notified me that I needed to update the firmware, like on modus toolbox, and that I needed to switch to proprietary mode first?


      I am able to program my psoc with psoc creator, so why is it so complicated with modus toolbox?
      How do I switch to proprietary mode, I do not find anything online? Will it let me use fw-loader afterwards and program with modus?


      Thanks a lot!

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          Please follow these steps to get it working:

          (1) Press the Mode Switch button (SW3) on the kit

          (2) You should be able to see LED2 being a solid amber color

          (3) Now open Firmware Loader and enter the following command:

          >> ./fw-loader.exe --update-kp3


          You should now be able to update to KP3 successfully. You should now be able to program in ModusToolbox as well.



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            Sorry about that.

            We did a massive upgrade to the capabilities of our kitprog firmware.  Rather than try to fix all of the older tools... including the PSoC Creator we decided to release two versions.  KP2 and KP3.


            The fw-loader program can

            1. Update the firmware on your board to either KP2 or KP3 depending on your needs

            2. switch between modes kp3-hid kp-3bulk kp3- (mass storage) <- I forget the name of this mode


            If you are using MTB then it is by far going to be the best user experience to use KP3 in bulk mode as it is way way faster.