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    Device is not provisioning / configuring on on Android helper Application




      I have flashed the light_dimmable and on_off_switch example code in two different boards.

      When I tried to add device after creating a new network in android helper application i am not getting configuration successful / process complete message. When click on add devices can see devices "Dimmable Light" and "Switch" devices in list, after selecting device and and add could not see process complete message.

      Followed the procedure for same as mention in "Getting started with Bluetooth mesh document".


      Using WICED studio 6.4,

      Android helper APK  (i.e. MeshLightingController.apk) downloaded from the path WICED-Studio-6.4\common\apps\snip\mesh\peerapps\Android\src\bin

      Phone is having Android ver. 8.1.0