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    Programming eFuses using PSoC Programmer


      I am following the guidance in this resolved question:


      eFuse only project


      Which provides code for manually altering eFuses. I am able to successfully generate a .hex file from an otherwise blank project (correctly set up for my PSoC6 target).


      My first goal is to use this .hex file to program some of the user/customer data portion of the eFuse block.


      I am using PSoC Programmer 3.29.0, which I understand to be current. I'm connecting to the target device using a MiniProg4.


      The linked question discusses how to program eFuses this way.


      However when I try to program this .hex file I get a failure:


      "| FAILED! eFuse Chip Protection programming is enabled but the Life Cycle stage data is not present in the hex file"


      *How can I use PSoC programmer to burn eFuses from a hex file with eFuse information?

      *Or: How do I add life cycle information to a Creator project when generating the hex file?



      I am powering the target at the specified 2.5V for eFuse burning.


      Per the linked question I've tried enabling "Chip Lock" but it doesn't help. It doesn't work with "Chip Lock" turned off either. I note that "Chip Lock" only claims to apply to PSoC 3/4/5.

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          Hi BeBl_4528851,


          Can you please attach your project and the hex file generated so that we can try to program at our end and try to recreate the issue?

          Also, you can refer to the efuse_gen example project provided with the PDL. You can find this in the installation directory and by default, the example project would be located in the following directory - C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PDL\3.1.2\security\secure_image\examples\psoc_creator\efuse_gen.cydsn


          Hope this helps,


          Thanks and Regards,

          Rakshith M B