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    EV Certificate


      Dear Sirs,

      my company sells several devices which uses Cypress USB FX2 chips. Since 2010 we have always used the ourselves WHQL-signed CyUSB.sys driver for our devices. Now we would like to update the driver to Cyusb3.sys release. We would like to get the drivers properly signed by Microsoft. I read the "Driver Resell" paragraph in Cypress's CyUsb3 Reference and I understood almost all the steps required.

      My question is : looking at GlobalSign website information it's possible to select among three different key storage options:  (http://https://www.globalsign.com/en/code-signing-certificate/microsoft-authenticode)


      - Cryptographic USB token

      - HSM (Hardware Safe Machine ?)

      - Azure Key Vault


      To complete via Cypress the resell process, I suppose, that the preferred option should be "Azure Key Vault". Is it correct ?

      Thank you in advance and

      Best regards,


      Stefano Frondizi (SFrondizi@BVImedical.com)

      Optikon 2000 S.p.a

      Rome Italy