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    nx_packet_allocate() fails with error 7 (NX_PTR_ERROR)




      We are in the bringup process of a new design.It is based on Laird EWB module - STM32F412 + CY4343W architecture.

      Everything works well on the dev kit, however on the actual platform, access to the 'WiFi part' of the 4343 either hangs or returns error code.


      e.g. - a call to wwd_wifi_get_mac_address() fails.

      Tracing the code wwd_wifi_get_mac_address() --> wwd_sdpcm_get_iovar_buffer() -> internal_host_buffer_get() shows that the problem is with some allocation in the following command:

         status = nx_packet_allocate( pool, nx_buffer, 0, timeout_ms ); // wwd_buffer.c, line 148 (SDK 6.4)

      it returns status==7 which translates to NX_PTR_ERROR.


      The very same code works on the dev kit....


      One other thing worth to mention - 'BLE part' of the 4343W works flawlessly.



      What can be the reason/s for the failure of all 'WiFi calls' on the proprietary hardware??


      Thanks for any advice.