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    WICED_BT_TRACE not Working




      I am using CYBT 423028 Eval for Mesh development (Dimmer code), to debug or to check WICED trace messages on Putty, configured WICED_BT_TRACE through PURT.

      After code download disconnected the HCI UART to get trace messages on PuTTY.  But I am getting some garbage messages as shown below.




      Followed the steps to check Trace messages:

      1. Downloaded the code.

      2. turn off the HCI UART switch

      3. Turn On PURT switch

      4 Configured PuTTY (See image below)



      Is there anything i am doing wrong of missing to get proper trace messages.


      With same configuration as mentioned above i could able to get Trace messages for GPIO project. but not with the Dimmer code.