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    which version of CYW20719 is used in CYBT 423028 Eval board ?




      I have created the dimmer project in WICED studio (Ver 6.4) for CYBT-423028 Eval by simply coping the files from example project to new project and is getting compiled successfully, along with the example code have configured LED for indication in new project as shown below, and turning it on the LED when key press is detected.



      But after downloading the code i could not see LED Turning on on Button press.

      As in above code snippet CYW20719B0 is used as base device, would like to know which version of CYW20719 (B0 or B1) is used for  CYBT-423028 Eval ?


      Is there anything I am missing in configuration ?


      Also would like to know how Make target takes required platform files for configuration ?