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    I can no longer run PSoC Creator 4.3




      As of this morning, I can no longer run PSoC Creator 4.3.   Yesterday, I was able to successfully build a Creator-based program and program a KIT with the code.

      This morning, I now receive the following response from the same project when trying to build:

      If I try to load another program I get the following when just trying to open the project:

      The details of this error are attached to this post.


      I then uninstalled Creator 4.3 and reinstalled this version.

      The same results!


      I'm running:

      • Intel i7 with 4 CPUs.


      Regarding Creator projects. I appear to be "dead in the water".   I have not found a project that loads or builds.

      Let me know if I can supply more info.


      Note:  Do you realize that the official Cypress PSoC Creator 4.3 download link is not working?  https://www.cypress.com/file/502331/download





      I downloaded the iso image version "psoc_creator_4.3_b1445.iso"

      I uninstalled Creator 4.3 again and used the iso image to reinstall it.

      I now get a new error message that prevents the install.


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      Message was edited by: Leonard Poma    Update with Process Monitor info using Process = psoc_creator.exe. I stopped the process log immediately after the exception is received.


      Update:  Here is Visual Studio 2019 output window with JIT debugging attachment to psoc_creator.exe.  It appears that the variable "givenPathname" being loaded into the function cycmbase.dll!CyDesigner.Common.Base.CyPathUtil.CreateCanonical(String givenPathname, String anchorDirectory, CyErr& errors) is NULL.



      Message was edited by: Leonard Poma  Update with Visual Studio 2019 JIT debugging attachment to psoc_creator.exe.


      Update:  I have a little more JIT debug info from the exception.  Disassembly and Register info:


      Message was edited by: Leonard Poma    Update:  Disassembly and Register info.