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    Display Port Alternate mode Design for HX3PD




      I'm thinking of configuring DisplayPort (Output) using HX3PD, and GX3 is also used by connecting to the DS of HX3PD.
      "Page 4 Figure 1. USB-C Dock for Notebook PCs" in the HX3PD data sheet will be a reference.

      Q1-1) There are "DP / SS MUX" and "DP Multi-Stream Hub" in the above reference circuit. Please tell me the details of the functions performed by each. Also, please tell me the part names of these.

      Q2) Is the FW for HX3PD that supports the above DP ALT published on the web?
      Q3-1) The FW published on the web for HX3PD is recognized as being compatible with the attached PDO. Is this correct?
      Q3-2) The customer can not change the PDO setting by themsives, is it correct?


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      Please tell me the reference circuit configuration that can be used as a reference for the above.

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          Hello Arai-san,


          1-1. The DP/SS MUX is used for multiplexing between the USB 3.0 and DP lines based on the selected alternate mode configuration. The DP Multi-Stream Hub is used to split the DP lines into multiple streams so that one could be used as DP output while the other could be used as HDMI output. For part numbers, please refer to the CCG4 based Dock design which uses PS8742B and STDP4320 respectively.


          2. Yes, the firmware can support alternate mode but needs to be enabled and configured in the PD controller project of HX3PD. Please find the firmware source with the Dock SDK.


          3-1. Yes, those PDOs are enabled by default in the HX3PD firmware.

          3-2.The customer can change the same using the DMC .xml file in the HX3PD Configuration Utility. Please refer to section 3.2.1 of the utility guide.


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