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    EZ-Serial on CY-333047 Data Transfer Performance Issues




      I am using the CY-333047 Module with the EZ-Serial Firmware.   It's a special purpose configuration (MSP430 communicating directly to the Serial IF with Flow Control).   The problem that I'm seeing is that I can easily/consistently transferring 625 bytes of data, BUT if I increase the size of the Buffer over that, I begin timing out receiving the buffer data.   The protocol is a simple command-response  where I send a command to the device with the size of the response message.   The slave receives the command then then sends the size of the response packet, followed by the dataset (a simple saw wave) with the MSP moving the data to the Cypress Radio as fast as it will accept the data (CTS).


      What happens is that the many times will timeout before receiving all of the data from the Radio.  Below approximately 690 Bytes of Data, no problem but as you go higher, the timeouts begin to occur.  It always recovers and we continue BUT I see various amounts of the end of the buffer not making it over and timing out.  Making the timeout larger does not fix the problem.   The Interface is configured as 500KBaud with Flow Control.


      Thanks in advance.