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    Custom WiFi Stack needing SDIO Commands



      We need to develop our own custom WiFi stack for a specific security application. We need to be able to bypass the WiFi stack and interface directly with the transceiver to do the following:


      >> Send and receive raw data frames (we will create our own MAC headers).

      >> Change channels.

      >> Change data rates.

      >> Setup Rx packet filters.


      We believe that the CYW43340, CYW43012 and CYW4373E will fit our requirements (we also need Bluetooth BR + EDR + BLE),


      We can see in the “snip.packet_filter” example code with some basic function for receiving Layer 2 frame data, but there aren’t any examples on how to send data in transceiver/monitor mode.


      Can you please send me the reference manual with the SDIO commands that we can write our own functions with the above modules on our own microcontroller? These modules appear to meet our low power requirement and we will be ordering high volumes.


      Kind regards,


      Bluetooth (BR + EDR + BLE),