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    CyGfx_DispCommit() does not get return from Gfx_DispCardDevGetQueueHandle() to exit


      The demo executable I have created seems to be running okay, but every now and then it gets stuck in a forever loop. It ran about 3 hours this morning before exhibiting the problem. It took as little as 15 minutes one time almost 8 hours another time. When it stops, the console terminal window shows:  “MML: [ERROR]  : ..\..\..\..\02_driver\basic_graphics\source\kernel\src\gccgfx_kinterrupt.c:(356): CmdSeq reported error!”


      After this, it seems to be stuck down the CyGfx_DispCommit function and never returns. The Queue handling seems to think the queue is never empty.

      Here is the stack:



      I looked here in the Cypress community website and did not see any reported issues which seem related to this.


      I have the CYTVII-C-2D-6M-CPU Traveo II evaluation board and I am using v0e60 graphics library and SDK with GHS Multi 7.1.4 and Compiler v2017.1.4.

      I noticed a new release (v1e00), but the configuration was the 4MB and I had some difficulty getting this setup to work to date.

      I have talked with a colleague who had noticed a similar issue on his setup in the past.


      Please let me know any additional questions or thoughts on this issue.

      Thanks in advance,

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          Hello GaMi_4780271,


          Have you set the CyGfx_ConfigSetAttribute() to Non Block? You could set the CYGFX_CONFIG_ATTR_DISPLAY_NOBLOCK to 1 and check if the function returns a busy error.


          Also the call stack image seems to have been missed, could you share it again.




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            Thank you for the feedback!

            I have set to Non Block and it has been running for almost 4 hours now. It takes a long time to trigger the failure sometimes, so I will let it run over the weekend and keep an eye on it. I have it set to display a message to the terminal console if an error occurs. I have not seen an error yet.


            Sorry the stack image did not get included earlier. Please find it below (trimmed to only show the failure area):

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              The error tripped this weekend and the same error was provided:

              MML: [ERROR]  : ..\..\..\..\02_driver\basic_graphics\source\kernel\src\gccgfx_kinterrupt.c:(356): CmdSeq reported error!

              After this interrupt/error, there is no return from the call to CyGfx_DispCommit().


              I wonder if  it is possible to get the gccgfx_kinterrupt.c file so I can more easily see this line of code and put a break point in it.


              I set the MML_GDC_CONFIG_ATTR_DISPLAY_NONBLOCK to 1 in one last place.

              It is in a call when opening the window and get a different error on the console terminal:

              IRIS: 0x2100100b

              IRIS: 0x2100100b

              MML: [ERROR]  : ..\..\..\..\02_driver\basic_graphics\source\user\hw\gccgfx_cmdseq.c:(719): (): Not enough space in FIFO !!!

              The error happens pretty quickly and is more repeatable than the other error. Here is the call stack:

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                Hello GaMi_4780271,


                Thank you for providing the images. I am looking into this and will revert to you.

                Could you provide a general description of what your application is designed to do?

                Could you kindly also share your memory_map.ld file?




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                  Thanks again Michael for the follow up.

                  The application is Automotive cluster with a 1280x480 display.

                  Is there an option to provide me the gccgfx_kinterrupt.c file?


                  Here is the memory_map.ld file contents:

                  /* __DISCLAIMER_START__                                                      */


                  * (c) 2014-2020, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

                  * or a subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation. All rights

                  * reserved.


                  * This software, including source code, documentation and related

                  * materials ( "Software" ), is owned by Cypress Semiconductor

                  * Corporation or one of its subsidiaries ( "Cypress" ) and is protected by

                  * and subject to worldwide patent protection (United States and foreign),

                  * United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions.

                  * Therefore, you may use this Software only as provided in the license

                  * agreement accompanying the software package from which you

                  * obtained this Software ( "EULA" ).


                  * If no EULA applies, Cypress hereby grants you a personal, nonexclusive,

                  * non-transferable license to copy, modify, and compile the

                  * Software source code solely for use in connection with Cypress' s

                  * integrated circuit products. Any reproduction, modification, translation,

                  * compilation, or representation of this Software except as specified

                  * above is prohibited without the express written permission of Cypress.


                  * Disclaimer: THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED AS-IS, WITH NO




                  * PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Cypress reserves the right to make

                  * changes to the Software without notice. Cypress does not assume any

                  * liability arising out of the application or use of the Software or any

                  * product or circuit described in the Software. Cypress does not

                  * authorize its products for use in any products where a malfunction or

                  * failure of the Cypress product may reasonably be expected to result in

                  * significant property damage, injury or death ( "High Risk Product" ). By

                  * including Cypress' s product in a High Risk Product, the manufacturer

                  * of such system or application assumes all risk of such use and in doing

                  * so agrees to indemnify Cypress against all liability.


                  /* __DISCLAIMER_END__                                                        */




                  // Only 1MB of non-contiguous flash memory is available in PSVP and we use following hard-coded assignment for now

                  // IMPORTANT: only change the "code_flash" related definitions below if you know what you are doing

                  // CM0+  :: 0x10000000 to 0x1003ffff (256 KB)

                  // CM7_0 :: 0x10040000 to 0x1007ffff (256 KB)

                  // CM7_1 :: 0x102f8000 to 0x10377fff (512 KB)

                  // In addition there are 2x 64 KB (0x105F0000-0x105fffff, 0x10610000-0x1061ffff) small sectors available, but will not be used by linker file.



                  // Please note:

                  // The whole SRAM area of this device consists of several SRAM areas (SRAM0, 1, ...) each having

                  // its own SRAM controller. Please check the device datasheet for the exact memory to SRAM controller distribution.

                  // For achieving the best CM7 performance it is recommended - if possible - to ensure that data with temporal

                  // locality (e.g. data belonging to one task) does not span multiple SRAM controllers. Otherwise a stalling of AXI

                  // transactions may occur, if they are originating from the same CM7 AXI transaction ID to different SRAM controllers.





                  // Check that necessary definitions are available

                  #if ((!defined(_LINK_flash_)) && (!defined(_LINK_sram_)))

                    #error "Link location not defined or not supported!"




                  #if ((!defined(_CORE_cm0plus_)) && (!defined(_CORE_cm7_0_)) && (!defined(_CORE_cm7_1_)))

                    #error "Target core not defined or not supported!"





                  // Following symbol and memory area definitions are used by linker_directives.ld






                      // Cypress CAN/LIN Bootloader uses 512B at start of SRAM. This may cause issues in case of RAM build configurations, therefore this area shall be reserved.

                    #if defined(_LINK_sram_)

                      sram_start_reserve = 512


                      sram_start_reserve = 0





                      //                              USER CONFIGURATION



                      // Specify how much SRAM and CODE_FLASH (starting from the first address of the respective memory) shall

                      // be used by CM0+ application and CM7_0 application, the rest of the memory will be automatically assigned to CM7_1 application

                      cm0plus_sram_reserve       =   60K - sram_start_reserve

                      cm0plus_code_flash_reserve =   32K   // minimum required



                      cm7_1_sram_reserve         =  512

                      cm7_1_code_flash_reserve   =  32K





                      // Specify stack and heap sizes for CM0+, CM7_0 and CM7_1 application independently

                      cm0plus_heap_reserve       = 1K

                      cm0plus_stack_reserve      = 1K


                      cm7_0_heap_reserve         = 200K

                      cm7_0_stack_reserve        = 40K


                      cm7_1_heap_reserve         = 1K

                      cm7_1_stack_reserve        = 1K




                      // Constants

                      sram_total_size            = 640K

                      code_flash_total_size      = 6336K


                      cm0plus_intvec_alignment   = 256

                      cm7_intvec_alignment       = 128


                      ecc_init_width             = 8   // Most restrictive native ECC width of all "normal" memories (SRAM, DTCM, ITCM) in any Traveo II derivate is used to keep the code generic

                      sram_used_by_boot          = 4K  // Used during boot by Cypress firmware (content will be overwritten on reset, so it should not be used for loadable sections in case of RAM build configurations)

                      sram_private_for_srom      = 2K  // Private SRAM for SROM (e.g. API processing)


                    #if defined(_LINK_sram_)

                      // Subtract 'sram_used_by_boot' beause content will be overwritten on reset, so it should not be used for loadable sections of RAM build configurations, which are only downloaded once by debugger)

                      // Note: Could be removed if you ensure that no loadable section types (e.g. .text or .rodata) would be linked to this area

                      sram_total_size_user       = sram_total_size - sram_start_reserve - sram_private_for_srom - sram_used_by_boot


                      // Please note that 'sram_used_by_boot' is not subtracted from total size, but will have to be considered if certain sections need to preserve their content over a boot cycle

                      sram_total_size_user       = sram_total_size - sram_start_reserve - sram_private_for_srom



                      // Calculation of SRAM distribution among all cores

                      cm0plus_sram_offset        = sram_start_reserve


                      cm7_0_sram_offset          = cm0plus_sram_offset + cm0plus_sram_reserve

                      // Uses the remaining space from CM0+ and CM7_1

                      cm7_0_sram_reserve         = sram_total_size_user - cm0plus_sram_reserve - cm7_1_sram_reserve


                      cm7_1_sram_offset          = cm7_0_sram_offset + cm7_0_sram_reserve


                      // Calculation of CODE_FLASH distribution among all cores

                      cm0plus_code_flash_offset  = 0


                      cm7_0_code_flash_offset    = cm0plus_code_flash_offset + cm0plus_code_flash_reserve

                      // Uses the remaining space from CM0+ and CM7_1

                      cm7_0_code_flash_reserve   = code_flash_total_size - cm0plus_code_flash_reserve - cm7_1_code_flash_reserve


                      cm7_1_code_flash_offset    = cm7_0_code_flash_offset + cm7_0_code_flash_reserve



                      // Map core dependent definition to generic name for memory and section definition

                    #if defined(_CORE_cm0plus_)

                      self_itcm_size             = 0

                      self_dtcm_size             = 0

                      heap_reserve               = cm0plus_heap_reserve

                      stack_reserve              = (cm0plus_stack_reserve + (ecc_init_width - 1)) & (~((ecc_init_width - 1))) // Ensure that stack size is an integer multiple of ECC init width (round up)

                      sram_offset                = cm0plus_sram_offset

                      sram_reserve               = cm0plus_sram_reserve

                      code_flash_offset          = cm0plus_code_flash_offset

                      code_flash_reserve         = cm0plus_code_flash_reserve

                      intvec_alignment           = cm0plus_intvec_alignment


                    #elif defined(_CORE_cm7_0_)

                      self_itcm_size             = 64K

                      self_dtcm_size             = 64K

                      heap_reserve               = cm7_0_heap_reserve

                      stack_reserve              = (cm7_0_stack_reserve + (ecc_init_width - 1)) & (~((ecc_init_width - 1))) // Ensure that stack size is an integer multiple of ECC init width (round up)

                      sram_offset                = cm7_0_sram_offset

                      sram_reserve               = cm7_0_sram_reserve

                      code_flash_offset          = cm7_0_code_flash_offset

                      code_flash_reserve         = cm7_0_code_flash_reserve

                      intvec_alignment           = cm7_intvec_alignment


                    #elif defined(_CORE_cm7_1_)

                      self_itcm_size             = 64K

                      self_dtcm_size             = 64K

                      heap_reserve               = cm7_1_heap_reserve

                      stack_reserve              = (cm7_1_stack_reserve + (ecc_init_width - 1)) & (~((ecc_init_width - 1))) // Ensure that stack size is an integer multiple of ECC init width (round up)

                      sram_offset                = cm7_1_sram_offset 

                      sram_reserve               = cm7_1_sram_reserve

                      code_flash_offset          = cm7_1_code_flash_offset

                      code_flash_reserve         = cm7_1_code_flash_reserve

                      intvec_alignment           = cm7_intvec_alignment











                      SELF_ITCM            : ORIGIN = 0x00000000,                     LENGTH = self_itcm_size

                      CODE_FLASH           : ORIGIN = 0x10000000 + code_flash_offset, LENGTH = code_flash_reserve

                      WORK_FLASH           : ORIGIN = 0x14000000,                     LENGTH = 0x00040000         //  256 KB

                      SFLASH               : ORIGIN = 0x17000000,                     LENGTH = 0x00008000         //   32 KB

                      SFLASH_ALT           : ORIGIN = 0x17800000,                     LENGTH = 0x00008000         //   32 KB

                      SELF_DTCM            : ORIGIN = 0x20000000,                     LENGTH = self_dtcm_size

                      VRAM                 : ORIGIN = 0x24000000,                     LENGTH = 0x00400000         //    4 MB

                      SRAM                 : ORIGIN = 0x28000000 + sram_offset,       LENGTH = sram_reserve

                      SMIF_MEMMAPPED       : ORIGIN = 0x60000000,                     LENGTH = 0x08000000         //  128 MB

                      SMIF1_MEMMAPPED      : ORIGIN = 0x90000000,                     LENGTH = 0x00200000         //  2MB of 8 MB HyperRAM e-mail from Christian Eyrich (Cypress)

                      ALTIA_EXTERNAL_RAM   : ORIGIN = 0x90200000,                     LENGTH = 0x00500000         //  5MB of 8 MB HyperRAM e-mail from Christian Eyrich (Cypress)

                      ALTIA_HEAP           : ORIGIN = 0x90700000,                     LENGTH = 0x00100000         //  1MB of 8 MB HyperRAM e-mail from Christian Eyrich (Cypress)

                      CM7_0_ITCM           : ORIGIN = 0xa0000000,                     LENGTH = 0x00010000         //   64 KB

                      CM7_0_DTCM           : ORIGIN = 0xa0010000,                     LENGTH = 0x00010000         //   64 KB

                      CM7_1_ITCM           : ORIGIN = 0xa0100000,                     LENGTH = 0x00010000         //   64 KB

                      CM7_1_DTCM           : ORIGIN = 0xa0110000,                     LENGTH = 0x00010000         //   64 KB