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    CYUSB3314-88LTXC Android and Linux Drivers




      I am wondering if this USB component: CYUSB3314-88LTXC has Android and Linux Drivers that are associated with it. My company is planning on implementing this component with a TV box device based on Android and Linux.


      If anyone knows the answer, please let me know if these drivers exist and/or how I can obtain them.



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          HX3 will work with Android and Linux systems as it does not require any specific drivers and will only need the generic hub class driver that is provided by both operating systems.


          For updating the firmware on an external EEPROM, we provide a Windows based GUI Blaster Plus and the vendor driver for that is only available for Windows. But you could always set the hub configuration mode to any other mode such as internal ROM mode if you don't want to update the EEPROM.


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