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    CYW43455 WL Commands to Set up RX




      I'm setting up DUT with CYW43455 for WIFI validation

      Was able to set up TX for 802.11b/g/n, make measurements and decode packets on Litepoint tester.


      Looking for help by means of a reference WL script or guide to setup RX to receive and decode packets.

      Currently I've set up the RX similar to TX (WL script attached) where I stop TX and run pkteng_start but pktcnt stays at 0!


      I did a dump of all the counters, looks like it detects packet in part (preamble...)

      txerror rxframe rxbyte rxerror

      txprshort txdmawar txnobuf txnoassoc txchit txcmiss

      reset txserr txphyerr txphycrs txfail tbtt 74

      dll_txfrag dll_txmulti dll_txretry dll_txretrie

      dll_txrts dll_txnocts dll_txnoack dll_txfrmsnt

      rxcrc 5319? rxnobuf rxnondata rxbadds rxbadcm rxdup rxfragerr

      rxrunt rxgiant rxnoscb rxbadproto rxbadsrcmac

      dll_rxfrag dll_rxmulti dll_rxundec

      rxctl rxbadda rxf ilter


      txallfrm txrtsfrm txctsfrm txackfrm

      txdnlfrm txbcnfrm txtplunfl txphyerr

      txfunfl: øøø øø

      tkipmicfaill tkipicverr tkipcntrmsr

      tkipreplay ccmpfmterr ccmpreplay

      ccmpundec fourwayfail wepundec

      wepicverr decsuccess rxundec

      rxfrmtoolong rxfrmtooshrt 3781 rxinumachdr 253801? rxbadfcs 5319?

      rxbadplcp 677615 rxcrsglitch 3161732 rxstrt 2754582 rxdfrmucastmbss

      rxmfrmucastmbss rxcfrmucast rxrtsucast rxctsucast

      rxackucast rxdfrmocast 5638 rxmfrmocast rxcfrmocast I

      rxrtsocast rxctsocast rxdfrmmcast rxmfrmmcast 14

      rxcfrmmcast rxbeaconmbss rxdf rmucastobss rxbeaconobss

      rxrsptmout bcntxcancl rxfØovfI rxflovfl

      rxf20vfI txsfovfl pmqovfl

      rxcgprqfrm rxcgprsqovfl txcgprsfail txcgprssuc

      prs_timeout rxnack frmscons txnack txphyerror


      rxlmbps rx2mbps rx5mbps5

      rx6mbps rx9mbps rxllmbps

      rx12mbps rx18mbps rx24mbps

      rx36mbps rx48mbps rx54mbps

      pktengrxducast pktengrxdmcast 2537863

      txmpdu_sgi rxmpdu_sgi txmpdu_stbc rxmpdu_stbc

      re init

      cso_normal cso_passthrough

      chained chainedszl unchained maxchainsz currchainsz

      pc iereset cfgrestore

      reinitreason counts:


      Thanks in advance