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    CY7C65642 not working when connecting higher power USB devices


      Hi, I am using the CY7C65642 hub chip that is interfaced to the Jetson NANO module. The schematic is as shown below -



      It shows the relevant chip (USB2.0 hub). There is a power switch connected as shown below -



      Now I am connecting a T261 module to one of the Type A ports on the board. Sometimes on a soft reboot the T261 is not detected and the CY7C keeps reseting the EN pin to the current switch.


      But, if I place the T261 along with even with a mouse or wifi dongle it magically works. Any feedback on this ? Have you observed this kind of behaviour,

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          For the schematic, please ensure that the crystal meets the specifications as per section 3.2 and the bulk and decoupling capacitors on the VCC pins are as per table 7 in the App Note.


          -Could you please check if the OVR pin is asserted when the T261 module is connected and EN is being toggled?

          -When you connect a mouse or dongle does it work independent of the port selection i.e. when these devices are connected to any port?

          -Please check if the same behavior occurs when connecting the T261 on a HX2VL DVK.


          Best Regards,