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    Pre-load simulation model for S29GL512S12DHE010 to an erased condition




      I was hoping to load default values into the memory array, CFI field and protection bits for the S29GL512S12DHE010 for the VHDL simuation model for the S29GL512S. How do I do this? The user manual leaves a lot to be desired and I dont know how to do it. It would be great if one could be created for me. It looks like if I make the UserPreload false, it defaults everything to undefined (U) and I would think that would force me to issue an erase command then send a write command. The test bench calls out these files as constants but I dont see where these files are at all for a different flash part. All I want to do is send write to buffer, and word program commands. I may also want to read commands so having a template of sort that I can modify would be a great help. Unfortunally the provided simulation model to my knowledge doesn't address this at least in a clear, easy to understand way. Essentially I want my simulation to have FFFF written everywhere to start.


      Thanks, Dan


      Note: I asked this in the Community information topic area by mistake.