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    CYW20737S versus CYW20737L - What are all the differences?


      What are all the differences between CYW20727S and CYW20737L?


      I understand Receive, Transmit and Sleep current for CYW20737L are roughly half that for CYW20737S.

      Is there a penalty for that power savings with the L version? If no penalty, what is the benefit of the S version?


      The L version has external DC-DC support. Is the power savings in the L due to losses in a DC-DC moved externally?



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          If my memory serves me correctly, the only real difference in the 20737L SiP is that Pin 16 becomes the DC-DC input pin (GND on 20732S/20736S/20737S versions of the part).


          The external DC-DC is a feature we added which allowed us to bypass the internal LDO (internal bonding on pin 15) and achieve more favorable non sleep related power numbers (Deep Sleep and Sleep are disabled when the external DC-DC is used because firmware cannot control the DC-DC).