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    CY8C20434 used for sensor keypad. Sensor hanging up.


      I have an issue with CY8C20434 used for sensor keypad with 12 sensors ( 0 - 9 , Enter, correct).

      I'm using csa user module for sensoring.

      Everything works fine untill I push two or three fingers onto keypad with high pressure for 4 or 5 seconds e.g.

      After that most of the sensors are still working but certain sensors (mostly key 3 and key 6) are not working any more.

      After power off/power on all sensors work fine again. I can reproduce the effect.


      Parameter "sensors Autoreset" is enabled. So actually the sensors should work after pushing a key for long time.


      Is that issue known? Do you suggest to use other module like CSD or SmartSense?



      Best regards