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    Backporting issue in compat.ko




      I want to port driver for CYW43455. I used this  Cypress Linux WiFi Driver Release (FMAC) [2020-06-25]  release. I need to port this driver for 4.9 kernel. I followed the instructions in README file given in the backports. During the cross compilation of modules, I have seen the following warning.


      WARNING: "hash_algo_name" [/Downloads/cypress/v5.4.18-backports/compat/compat.ko] undefined!



      Similarly, during insmod compat.ko in the target board. I got the following error:


      sakthi@localhost:~$ sudo insmod compat.ko

      insmod: ERROR: could not insert module compat.ko: Unknown symbol in module



      In dmesg, I got the following logs after insmod of compat.ko,


      [  627.941252] compat: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel.

      [  627.949143] compat: Unknown symbol hash_algo_name (err 0)


      Could you please let me know how to fix this issue?




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          "hash_algo_name" is implemented in the Linux Kernel source code "crypto/hash_info.c".

          To use it, you need CONFIG_CRYPTO_HASH_INFO=y in your kernel configuration.


          Please refer the README in FMAC package.

          For FMAC, you need to enable the following in the kernel configuration.

          #4. Enable below configs in .config



          #     CONFIG_X509_CERTIFICATE_PARSER=y



          If CONFIG_ASYMMETRIC_PUBLIC_KEY_SUBTYPE=y, CONFIG_CRYPTO_HASH_INFO will be enabled by the dependency.


          Best regards,


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