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    USB4.0 cable and active cable ref. design


      Hi. cypress

      in USB4.0 cable and active cable ref. design,which use CCG2 cypd2103 to design, I know the difference between 2103 and CMG1(2703 and 2704) is PD3.0,CC and VCONN short to VBUS protection. In ref. circuit, it add diodes to solve CYPD2103 support PD3.0, and without short protection between Vbus and CC(VCONN). The question as below: If customer need emphasis care for CC(Vconn) and Vbus protection, advise them add extra circuit, in the ref. design, it don't affect usb-if org test, so our ref. design don't add protection circuit in it.Right?



      flance fang