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    Programming Issues on CYPD3171




      I am working on a custom board using the CYPD-3171, and I am encountering issues when attempting to program, both using the PSOC-MiniProg4 part through the SWD Lines, and through the CC Programming using the CCG3PA EVK Power Board.  the Hex file I am attempting to program is the generic PB application included in the SDK with a modified Config.c file as generated through the EZ-PD configuration tool. the Hex file as well as the images of each step of my attempts are attached to this post.


      One error I note is that after programming over the MiniProg4 device, a subsequent verification fails as shown in VerificationFail.PNG.


      In addition, when doing a CC-Program, the device claims to still be in a bootloader state even after the application is loaded.


      Any assistance would be much appreciated.


      Thank You,


      Nate Hinshaw