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    CYW20721: HFP Audio Gateway - PCM audio




      I've created my BT application based on the example hci_audio_gateway. The difference from the example is PCM audio which I trying to use but it doesn't work.

      I configure PCM audio after start BT stack:

          wiced_hal_pcm_config_t pcmConfig;

          memset(&pcmConfig, 0, sizeof(pcmConfig));

          pcmConfig.mode = WICED_HAL_PCM_MODE;

          pcmConfig.role = WICED_HAL_PCM_SLAVE;

          pcmConfig.pcm_param.fillData = WICED_HAL_PCM_FILL_0S;

          pcmConfig.pcm_param.frame_type = WICED_HAL_PCM_FRAME_TYPE_SHORT;

          pcmConfig.pcm_param.lsbFirst = WICED_HAL_PCM_MSB_FIRST;

          pcmConfig.pcm_param.rightJustify = WICED_HAL_PCM_DISABLE_RIGHT_JUSTIFY;


          wiced_hal_set_pcm_config (&pcmConfig);


      But it seems not enough: SCO was opened successfully but I have not heard audio in BT headset. What have I missed in PCM configuration?


      I found one more function for configuration:

      wiced_hal_pcm_select_pads - But I have not found any examples of using it.