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    Problem of stability with S25FS512S after board under constraints




      We are using for production the S25FS512S external memory flash and specificly, the package S25FS512SDSNFI011.

      We have already made around 100 boards and we are facing an issue with this component.


      The board is embedded inside a plastic cover than can makes a pressure during assembly.

      We have seen that after the operation of assembly, on some boards, memory flash does not work anymore. The MCU cannot communicate with it at all.


      To make it works again we need to unsolder and re-solder the flash memory.

      That's why it looks like a problem of tin. Maybe we do not have enough tin or maybe too much... Thus, we are looking for informations like the quantity of tin to use, the thickness of the stencil and so on...


      Could you help us ? Thank you.