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    Difference between S29PL032J70BFI120 and S29PL032J70BFI070


      What is the difference between S29PL032J70BFI120 and S29PL032J70BFI070?


      S29PL032J70BFI120 is reported to be Obsolete with NO replacement per PTN181204 or PTN181204A.

      A quick glance at old Spansion datasheets appears to show Spansion's S29PL032J70BFI120 is equivalent to Cypress' S29PL032J70BFI070 other than the Max Sector Erase Time increased from 2 seconds to 5 seconds. The typical Sector Erase Time for both parts is listed as 0.5 seconds.


      The web page for S29PL032J70BFI120 points to data sheet revision F that lists S29PL032J70BFI070 but does not include S29PL032J70BFI120.

      Valid suffixes in data sheet revision F appear to be 04x through 10x.

      The previous Spansion S29PLxxxJ datasheet shows options 00x through 03x and 12x through 13x.


      It appears the mapping is:

      From 00x to 04x (3.0V VIO, 80-ball 8 x 11 mm FBGA (VBG080))

      From 01x to 05x (1.8V VIO, 80-ball 8 x 11 mm FBGA (VBG080))

      From 02x to 06x (3.0V VIO, 64-ball 8 x 11.6 mm FBGA (VBH064))

      Suffix 03x was deprecated (1.8V VIO, 64-ball 8 x 11.6 mm FBGA (VBH064))

      From 12x to 07x (3.0V VIO, 48-ball 8 x 6 mm FBGA (VBK048))

      From 13x to 10x (3.0V VIO, 56-ball 7 x 9 mm FBGA (TBD))

      Suffix 08x and 09x were added (3.0 and 1.8 VIO, 56-pin 20 x 14 mm TSOP (TS056))