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    Build Error Conflicting Types


      I am getting a conflicting type error for a custom function call.


      I did a search in the workflow1 document for all references and found only one function protocol and many uses of the custom function.


      This was the error I found listed multiple times in the community help area.


      This is a big problem.

      I also need to know where to place #includes for .h files in the designer build table.

      I have looked all over and it eludes me.


      Jim Ashby

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          Hi Jim,


          Can you share the output window with the error?


          If I understood your posting correctly, here's a guess:


          If I declare the prototype in a .h file as an example:

          int8_t Custom_Func(char *str, int32_t val);


          Then I use this function in a .c file as

          int8_t Custom_Func(char *str, int8_t val);


          The compiler will complain about the int32_t doesn't match the int8_t of val.



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            I match all ints on both sides of the function, including verifying the ints as declared are matching. With all functions assembled into one main.c file I  have not been able to get thr main.c to compile, it is causing memory crash  issues.


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