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    CYBT-343026 WICED Studio 6.2 PDS implementation.

    Neeraj Dhekale



      I am trying to implement deep sleep using the wiced_power_save_start() function but it causes reboot the controller on wakeup after a given timeout. But this happens only once on startup, after that it keeps restarting without waiting for a timeout to occurs. Why So? That means if I want t put it on deep sleep mode (HID-OFF) for a given timeout, I have to hard reset the controller.


      I have found this below in this document. I want to implement this PDS. Could you please help me? If you have any example can you please send it? or pls suggest me the changes to be made in HID-OFF code to change it to PDS.



      Thanks in advance.


      Thanks and regards,

      Neeraj Dhekale