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    Allow connections from one device


      Hi, I'm using the 20706A2 with the audio gateway demo. I would like to only allow us to be "paired" with one device at a time. When we go into pairing mode, we delete all nvram data if we were previously paired, then go into pairing mode. When we find a device, we pair and then connect, at this point this is the only device I would like us to be able to connect to. What happens is, a previously paired device can still reach out to us and connect, I want to not allow this. Is that possible?

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          I can make the module not discoverable/connectable and this works for more devices, but some devices will not alllow a connection from us even if we are currently paired.

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            Hi JaPe_1712546 ,


            Can you please clarify your query?

            Do you mean , once you connect to one device, you don't want any other device to get connected your audio device at the same time?

            Did you tried making the non discoverable & non connectable once a device connects?

            And make sure you enable it back while the current device disconnects.

            This won't work for your requirement? Please confirm




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              No, that doesn't seem to work. Our host will only remember one device at a time, the last device we have paired with. When we pair with a new device, we will forget the previous device (intentionally). I want to prevent other devices that we've previously paired with from connecting to us, even if we are currently not connected to a device. I can make us non-connectable/non-discoverable, and this works for most cases, but some devices we pair with can only make a connection with us, not us make a connection to them. So to connect to these device we have to make ourselves connectable, but then it's possible for a previously paired device to connect to us and we don't want that. Is that clear?