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    GPIO Code is Not working on CYBT-423028_EVAL




      I am using CYBT-423028_EVAL development Board. As just to make Evaluation board alive, tried downloading snip.hal.gpio code, which is not working on the CYBT-423028_EVAL, to download and check the code functionality followed the following procedure:


      1. For this WICED-Studio- is used.


      2. created the new custom project for gpio. To create new project followed the steps mentioned in 002-23400_AN223400_Getting_Started_with_EZ-BT_WICED_Modules


      New Project.PNG

      I have simply copied the file from example gpio project to new project. (As shown in image above).


      3. Created the a make target as shown in image below for new project and for respected platform. I can see compilation is getting successful and getting downloaded to board also successful.



      4. I think for this no need to add platform file as it already added with this version of WICED Studio.


      Once application is downloaded to board I don't see LED blinking or button is working.


      Is there anything that I am missing to make it working ?


      And how to recover the example project, as by mistake I have deleted some files of another project ?