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    OTA with Bootloadable program using BLE - can't get it to work!


      OK, so I've spent the last week or so trying to get my head around how to implement OTA updating in my code.


      I've got a simple LED Blinking program, that currently sets the blink rate based on the value of BLINK_RATE.  I can update this code OTA succesfully.


      My next step was to attempt to enable Bluetooth when the LED Blinking code was operating, so that I can utilise a custom service to write a new value for the blink rate and have the code react to that.  Longer term, I was hoping to use a characteristic within my custom service to actually trigger the Bootloader to start (at the moment I'm using the SW2 on the Pioneer board, but my hardware won't have a button for users to press, so I need to be able to do this via BLE)


      I've attempted to follow the key elements of the BLE OTA Fixed Stack Bootloadable code example, but whenever I try and make a call to CyBle_Start(AppCallBack) and, subsequently, CyBle_ProcessEvents() in my Bootloadable code (LED Blinker OTA with Custom BLE) then the bootloadable code doesn't actually run.  I can't even get back to the Bootloader code by pressing SW2 - it just seems to lock everything up.


      I've tried to work out what the issue is, but its got me stumped.  Can anyone help me get this working?