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    Does ModusToolbox support HTTP/1 Chunked Transfer Encoding that wasn't implemented in WICED?


      KotnaniK_71 of Cypress stated, “For HTTP_client, we haven't implemented the chunked transfer encoding because of lack of easy-to-use TCP stream APIs".  Reference “Does WiCED support the  "chunked transfer encoding " function ?” @ https://community.cypress.com/message/224462


      Does ModusToolbox support Chunked Transfer Encoding?

      In a quick look at an HTTP Client example in Modus Toolbox, I did NOT find any mention of “Chunk” related to HTTP. The word “Chunk” pops up for many other instances.


      In WICED, http_client.c has a place holder to handle “Chunking” around line 513 or 526 depending on which version…


      if ( strnstrn( (char*)data, fragment_available_data_length, HTTP_HEADER_CHUNKED, sizeof( HTTP_HEADER_CHUNKED ) - 1 ) )


      //TODO : Implement code to handle chunked encoding response.




      If Chunking for HTTP/1 http client has been implemented in ModusToolbox, there's a strong case to convert from WICED .

      Alternatively one could attempt to transfer that section of code that implements Chunking back to WICED.




      Aside: In the above reference Community Post from KotnaniK, there's a link to blog TCP stream API, which appears to be broken. Does that information exist elsewhere in the public domain?