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    Unit Test for PSOC need cy_device_common.h


      Hello, I've been trying to run unit tests for an embedded PSOC device, and i've been following this guide:



      When I compile, it says I am missing cy_device_common.h, which I presume is the equivalent of xc.h in the

      guide. If I create an empty dummy, the missing file error goes away but is replaced by a lot of other errors, culminating

      in a ShellExecutionException and Ceedling failed error.


      This is probably because the dummy is empty and I do not know what is needed in it for it to work. Does anyone know

      what functions/defines need to be replaced (i.e. I know __STATIC_INLINE, __NO_RETURN, SFLASH need to be defined),

      or know where I can find cy_device_common.h? Thank you.