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    Debugging secure boot flow


      I'm running the PSoC 63 and I'm attempting to blow eFuse protections for my application to enable to full secure boot flow and it seems to NOT boot into my first app (classic). I'm running the same code before blowing the eFuse bits to ensure the signature verification flow works (from flashboot perspective) and everything seems fine. But after I run our script to blow eFuse it doesn't boot up. I set the protection as "Secure with debug" so if I attach to the M0+ core to attempt to gather clues, it looks like the PC is somewhere within the ROM code address space (I'm assuming). So I'm curious what debugging steps I have available to diagnose what the error is or if you could provide some guidance on what could possibly be going wrong? See screeshot of CPU registers.

      Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 11.44.15 AM.png