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    Let's make the dice of seven eyes using on PSoC 4 with a proximity sensor and DMA


      Hi all,

      Through this dice, I was able to learn various PSoC designs. In the past, UDB implemented counters and decoders, but I tried this part is implemented by DMA. The data value is transferred to GPIO for LED lighting by DMA and blinks.


      Please see past posts for more information on electronic dice.
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      The environment used is as follows:

      PSoC Creator 4.3



      Since PSoC 4 cannot represent multiple offset transfers with one DMA, we used three DMAs. The transfer image of DMA is as follows. 

      The circuit is as following:


      The DMA component settings are all the same.


      The circuit is as following:



      The program adds the data for the transfer and the initial settings for DMA.


      uint32 Data1[6]={0x0007,0x0007,0x0007,0x0003,0x0003,0x0003};
      uint32 Data2[6]={0x000D,0x0007,0x0005,0x0007,0x0005,0x0002};
      uint32 Data3[6]={0x0003,0x0001,0x0001,0x0000,0x0000,0x0000};
      int main(void)
              /* Proximity sensor state. */
             uint8 proximity  = INACTIVE;
          CyGlobalIntEnable; /* Enable global interrupts. */
              /* Enable and start the CapSense block. */
             /* Initialize the baselines of all CapSense widgets. */
             /* Enable and start PWM block. */
          DMA_1_Start(Data1,(void *)0x40040000);
          DMA_2_Start(Data2,(void *)0x40040100);
          DMA_3_Start(Data3,(void *)0x40040300);


      The dice rolls when you hold your hand over the proximity sensor, and the dice slowly rolls when you move it away, and then stops.