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    VBUS where to find on CY8C4247


      I am using CY8C4247AZI-M485 in a bus powered USB application. Do I have to connect VBUS to USB connector 5V? Where can I find this pin on the 64pin TQFP?

      It would be nice to have one PIN table that holds all fuctionality of each pin to have a good overview. Is VREF (P1.7) the reference of ADC? Here I can connect a reference voltage from 1V8 up to level of VDDD. Is this correct ?

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          Hi Rupert,


          CY8C4247AZI-M485, PSoC4M family does not support USB. Kindly check PSoC4L family devices for the application. In these family devices p13[2] is the VBUS pin. You can find this information in the pinout section in device datasheet. This table contains details about the all the pins. The same information is available for PSoC4200M family devices too.


          Regarding the second question, yes Vref is the pin to connect external reference. The SAR ADC in PSoC have an option to set the voltage reference. The voltage reference can be any of the following: Internal referene (1.024V/1.2V depending on device family), VDDA,VDDA/2 or external reference. In case you have external voltage option you can use this pin to provide the voltage. One more additional use of the pin is in the case of you need use buffered mode of reference. This pin can be used connect the external bypass capacitor(especially when internal reference is used). This is recommended when ADC sample rate is high.


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            Hi Vasanth

            Thanks for your reply.

            Finally I found it in pin view of the PSOC creator having the correct device (L485) used.

            Obviously  I opened then datasheet of M485 that does not have an USB….

            Using the L485 data sheet I can confirm that the VBUS could be found in pin out description.