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    Device class support for CCG3 datasheet




      The CCG3 data sheet has the following description on page 5.
      Integrated Billboard Device

      >CCG3 integrates a complete full speed USB 2.0 device controller capable of functioning as a Billboard class device.

      >The USB 2.0 device controller can also support other device classes.


      Q1) Does this mean that  i  can use CCG3 to support device classes such as UVC without using a device controller such as FX2LP? Is it stated that CCG3 can be used as a USB 2.0 device controller?


      ">The USB 2.0 device controller can also support other device classes."
      Q2) So, I would like to know more about the above datasheet contents.


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          Hello Arai-san,


          1. By default, the Billboard class along with HID class is implemented in the CCG3 DP Dongle firmware. Yes, ideally it can support other USB classes such as UVC but the configuration of the USB interface may be difficult with the existing firmware due to Flash limitation, full speed rate, lack of a parallel interface such as the GPIF interface in FX2LP etc.


          2. The datasheet states that there are no hardware limitations to using the USB FS block for other device classes but the implementation for a full-featured USB device controller would have to be done from scratch as we have no examples in the SDK.


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