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    Bluetooth module BCM20737S LE audio support



      Greetings of the Day!!


      I'm Dinesh Katkar,from Robota Corporation,Pune-India.


      I would like to share the updated circuit design of the wearable wristband design.We have decided to use A20737A Anaren module for our end product and planning to store the audio on wearable wristband and transfer it in smaller packet bursts and recreate the file on the other end.

      It requires audio encoder on our wristband that will sample the audio samples and convert it into digital data and store it on the wristband.But when I started with the design ,I found there is no GPIO pin left for the Audio interface.So I need some reference design as well as technical support for audio interface circuitry with storage of audio .

      We have used ---

      Accelerometer ,which has below interface required with Anaren Module






      4-channel LED driver ,which has below interface required with Anaren  module..





      And vibrator interface with Anaren module...


      I have interfaced Digital microphone ,but I think we need to interface analog microphone with audio encoder support.Please provide me some technical support in hardware design of LE audio sampling and converting this to digital format and interface with BCM20737S SIP Module

      kindly see the attached schematic in PDF format...

      Looking forward for your positive response...