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    Measure Cmod and Cp of PSoC 4S CapSense for CSD V7.0




      We are trying it with CY8CKIT-145-40XX.

      We know that there is the "Measure Cmod and Cp of PSoC 4 CapSense - KBA225808".

      However, this KBA only works up to CSD V6.0 and is obsolete in V7.0.

      The arguments of the API functions below are different.

      [up to CSD V6.0]

         uint32 CapSense_GetSensorCapacitance (uint32  widgetId, uint32  sensorId)

      [CSD V7.0]

         uint32 CapSense_GetSensorCapacitance (uint32  widgetId, uint32  sensorElement,

                                                                              CapSense_TST_MEASUREMENT_STATUS_ENUM *  measurementStatusPtr)


      Therefore, We added and changed the following codes.


         CapSense_TST_MEASUREMENT_STATUS_ENUM measurementStatusPtr;


          // MyI2CRegs.u8_cpValue[i] = (uint8)CapSense_GetSensorCapacitance (i, 0);

          MyI2CRegs.u8_cpValue[i] = (uint8)CapSense_GetSensorCapacitance (i, 0, &measurementStatusPtr);


      The result of measuring Cp is as follows.

      [up to CSD V6.0]

          u8_cpValues are correct.

      [CSD V7.0]

           u8_cpValues are incorrect.

      We have confirmed that the value of measurementStatusPtr is CapSense_TST_MEASUREMENT_SUCCESS.



      Best regards,