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    About writing failure of S25FL256L


      I am doing a page program (4PP command) with S25FL256L.

      If the program size is less than 256 bytes, part of the write will fail.

      Is there a solution to this problem?


      What i did

      ・ 256 bytes will not fail

      ・ An error occurs even if the frequency is changed from 20MHz to 1MHz.

      ・ It is not a strange waveform even if it is monitored by a logic analyzer.

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          Thank you for contacting Cypress Community.

          I am sorry but your query is not clear to me. Can you please answer my below questions about your issue -

          • Can you please provide the exact sequence of commands along with the exact CS# signal HIGH/LOW sequence?
          • Please tell the address at which you are starting the program operation.
          • How many data bytes are you trying to program at a time?
          • In the data dump provided by you, i can see that some memory locations have the data 0x61 and some locations have 0xFF. Can you please tell me what is the result that you are expecting? I would like to inform you that at the time of shipping, all memory locations inside flash contain 0xFF value. Are you expecting to see any other data on those memory locations?
          • In the analyzer image provided by you, I can see 0x05 followed by 0xFF. Can you please explain what is that step? If 0x05 is the RDSR command, what is 0xFF?


          Thank you and Regards,