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    Missing files



      I'm using psoc creator for cy8ckit-044. I'm having problems with the software, after several time I build and clean the project, my project always has the same errors, those are :


      1. pft.M0000: An internal error occurred in the fitter: (System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'MPU9250.cydsn\codegentemp\bitstream.txt' is denied.).

      2. bse.M0105: Unable to open the file for writing. Access to the path 'MPU9250.cydsn\codegentemp\warp_dependencies.txt' is denied.


      When I check my project files ("codegentemp\bitstream.txt" and "codegentemp\warp_dependencies.text") 2 files are missing, even the backup file that I made (.rar files) also missing the file.

      Until now, every time I get errors I always make a new project.


      Anyone have the solution?




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          Can you archive your project and attach it to this forum?


          We can see if we can reproduce your same results.



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            this is my project Len.

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              I was not able to get the same "missing file" errors you received.


              The project you provided did "Application Build".  This is the first phase where the TopDesign is compiled.  There were NO complaints.


              I did have build errors in the 'C' compile build phase.  It complained it couldn't find both functions:

              • I2C_MPU9250_Read()
              • I2C_MPU9250_Write()


              This is because you placed the prototypes for both functions in a file called i2c_mpu9250.h.

              However, in TopDesign you placed a component you named I2C_MPU9250.  This generated a file called I2C_MPU9250.h.   This nae is in conflict with the file you put together called i2c_mpu9250.h.  The pre-compile phase was confused and could find the prototypes previously mentioned.


              I changed the name of your files to i2c_mpu9250app.h and i2c_mpu9250app.c.  I also changed the #include references to i2c_mpu9250app.h.

              This compiled and completed the build with no errors.



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                wow, it worked.

                thanks Led for your explanation .


                Best regards,